Sting Presale FAQ

We are doing our very best to answer all of your many questions. Due to the sheer number of questions, this is unfortunately taking more time than usual. There are a number of common questions, that we’ll address in this FAQ.

I didn’t request a refund, can I still gain access to the presale?
Unfortunately, the answer is no. The presale (from 20 November 9 a.m. to 21 November 11.59 p.m.) is only accessible for people who have chosen option 1 or 2. In July, every ticket buyer received an e-mail with three options. We were unable to include those who did not respond to the refund/voucher options. It took a lot of time to prepare for the presale, which is why, unfortunately, we are unable to add people.

I chose option 3. Can I still change to option 1 or 2 now that Sting is returning to Gent Jazz?
Unfortunately, that is not possible. When the list of options was sent out in July, we clearly stated that only those who chose option 1 or 2, would get access to the presale if Sting were to come back to the festival.

I chose option 3 (total refund) and would like to get vouchers for the value of the refund to purchase new tickets with. Will this get me access to the presale?
The request for vouchers was possible until Wednesday 20 November 9 a.m. and does not give access to the presale. You will receive the voucher code via e-mail in the following days. That voucher can be used in the regular sale that starts Friday 22 November at 10 a.m.

Where do I have to enter which code (options 1 & 2)?
You can enter ticket codes for the presale at the start when choosing the tickets. The codes begin with ST of GC. The discount code needs to be entered when you arrive at the overview of your purchase. It is possible to enter both multiple ticket codes as well as discount codes.

I bought tickets via Ticketswap. How do I gain access to the presale?
We can only contact the original ticket buyer. They are the only ones we can offer the different options to; the presale is a part of those options. A request for vouchers and/or refund had to go through them.

Can I buy tickets in a different category during presale?
During the presale (from 20 November 9 a.m. to 21 November 11.59 p.m.) you can only buy that same number of tickets in the same category as originally purchased.

Something went wrong with my order and I get a notification that my codes have already been used. What do I do?
Your codes will be released automatically after one hour, at which point you are able to try and buy the tickets again. Every code is linked to a ticket, so you will definitely be able to buy your ticket(s).