Refund tickets 8 july

“Why is it taking so long to refund the 8 July tickets?” It’s a question we’ve been getting almost daily for the past few months and believe us: we sympathise completely.

Ever since the last-minute headliner cancellation for Gent Jazz on July 8th, we’ve committed ourselves to refund those tickets to the people who so required. Strictly legally speaking we could have hidden behind a lawful force majeure argument, but we never even considered that an option. Furthermore, we had taken out an insurance policy that was designed to protect us from such calamities, and we decided to use a considerable part of that money to refund the tickets.

Assisted by our lawyers, we have, since that 8 July, fulfilled all contractual obligations imposed by the insurance policy. Our claim was clear, and acknowledged by the insurance company. During the four months that followed, the insurance company has been stalling us with endless questions and answers to keep payout as low as possible and to delay payment to the full amount. While our ticket buyers would prefer to receive their refund rather sooner than later. Understandably so.

Which is why we will continue to fight to receive what we are entitled to, and with even more conviction than before. Unfortunately, our goal to refund everyone at the same time has now been made impossible by the insurance company. During the past months, we have been working hard towards a system that will enable us –now and in the future– to easily send vouchers to our visitors. An important improvement since a part of the 8 July ticket buyers have chosen to be reimbursed in festival vouchers.

That system is now ready to be deployed. Thanks to a first instalment we recently obtained from the insurance company (as a result of our continuing efforts), we will soon be able to refund everybody who asked for a partial refund. At the same time, we will send out the vouchers to those who asked for no or a partial refund. Next, we will begin to reimburse those who asked for a full refund. And we will continue to do so until everybody has received what they are entitled to.

We want to explicitly apologise for the long hold-up. Please rest assured that we (and our lawyers) will keep working until this issue gets resolved. Our aim remains to reimburse everybody who asked for a refund. Preferably as soon as possible. If you still have questions, or if you didn’t receive our mail, please contact us via .