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STIKSTOF is the brainchild of Jazz , Pregnant Guy and Astrofisiks, accompanied live by

accompanied byDj Vega. Since 2010, they have been giving a face to the Brussels rap scene and rap scene and bring their lyrics from the squares to the living room.

Their raps are a magnifying glass for their lives, their generation and their Brussels. After three self-produced albums ‘Stikstof’ , ‘/02’ and ‘Overlast’, they took the next step in 2021. On 1 October, they released their ‘the album FAMILIE BOVEN ALLES on the Top Notch/Universal label. This album still breathes the g(r)oot city from its pores: raw, unfinished, grimy but equally tongue-in-cheek, sardonic and with a charming penchant for surrealism. From the underground to the Grote Markt and back. If you don’t come, you’re out of luck!

Line up

Jazz (Jasper De Ridder): MC
Zwangere Guy (Gorik van Oudheusden): MC
Astrofisiks (Paulo Rietjens): MC
DJ Vega (Joris Ghysens): beats



39€ (standard) / 29 (- 26) / 8€ (3 - 12)

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Line Up

DOORS: 16.00

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