Shikata Ga Nai

Shikata Ga Nai was meant to be from the very beginning, when these five crazy characters met in high school. Even studying at different conservatories, miles away from each other (Ghent, Hasselt, and Rotterdam) couldn’t change that.
Their compositions are filled with nifty bass lines, heavy grooves and some southern sun. But above all, they are always bursting with energy. Shikata Ga Nai was formed in 2019, when they performed at “The Rob Franken Electrification” in LantarenVenster (Rotterdam). In 2021 they played the Finals of Soundtrack in Vooruit (currently known as 404). The story continues with a new album that is bound to be released in the first half of 2023.

When these guys get on stage, there’s nothing you can do but to vibe along on their wave of Shikata Ga Nai-ness.

Line up

  • Rutger Mathys – harmonica
  • Elias D’hooge – keys
  • Achilles De Raedt – guitar
  • Iskander Moens – bass
  • Tibo Polleunis – drums



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