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Meskerem Mees

The female arsenal will be strengthened on 14 July with the disarming promise of the moment Meskerem Mees, who won the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival Talent prize at the age of 22. As soon as she starts singing, something magical happens. Meanwhile, she no longer has to prove her status as top talent. With her debut album ‘Julius’, she draws the audience into the story of each song. An instant classic that has everything to do what an illustrious namesake almost succeeded in doing centuries ago: conquering all of Europe. And who knows, the world. But first – while it’s still possible – Gent Jazz!

Line up

Meskerem Mees: vocals + guitar
Frederik Daelemans: cello + vocals



44€ (standard) / 34€ ( – 26) / 8€ (3 – 12 )
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Line Up

DOORS: 15.00

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