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Ibrahim Maalouf

When Sting reopened the Bataclan in Paris in 2016, he could only think of one French musician with whom he wanted to share the stage that night: Ibrahim Maalouf. Understandable, because the French-Lebanese jazz trumpeter stands for passion, hope and diversity. For years, the fourth (!) valve of his trumpet has allowed Maalouf to introduce Arabic music influences into his virtuoso jazz playing, while his album S3NS is full of Latin American rhythms. That he has not been idle is proven by the publication of his book Petite philosophie de l’improvisation and his Christmas album First Noel. “L’improvisation, est un art de vivre”, he recently said in Knack. Maalouf plays with such great virtuosity and always comes out of differently, that on 7 July you will only want to tell him that he has to keep playing!

Line up

Mihai Pîrvan (saxophone)
Ibrahim Maalouf (trumpet)
Yacha Berdah (trumpet, keyboards)
François Delporte (guitar)
Frank Woeste (keyboards)
Pierre Gibbe (bass); Henry Was (drums)



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Line Up

DOORS: 16.00

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