Ibrahim Maalouf

Friday 09 July 2021 / 22.30 – 00.00 h. / Main Stage

Ibrahim Maalouf (lead trumpet, piano, vocal), Francois Delporte (electric guitar), Frank Woeste (Fender Rhodes, piano), Stephane Galland (drums), Thierry Fanfant (electric bass), Denys Danielides (sousaphone), Yacha Berdah (trumpet), Renaud Gensane (trumpet), Alexis Bourguignon (trumpet), Irving Acao (baritone saxophone & flute), Abraham Mansfaroll Rodriguez (percussion), Mickael Joussein (trombone), Matthias Mahler (trombone)


Doors open at 17.00.
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This is a standing concert day.
Ticket price is 44 euro. Child tickets are available at 8 euros (see conditions).

When Sting reopened the Bataclan in Paris in 2016, he could only think of one French musician with whom he wanted to share the stage that night: Ibrahim Maalouf. Understandably, since the French-Lebanese jazz trumpeter stands for passion, hope and versatility. The fourth (!) valve of his trumpet has allowed Maalouf to introduce Arabic influences into his virtuoso jazz music for years. At the same time, his latest record S3NS is full of Latin rhythms. “I always take my fans on a journey,” Maalouf once said in the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant. Which could not be more accurate. So far, he also didn’t lie when he famously said: “If I ever make a record that resembles the previous one, you can tell me to stop playing.” S3NS is once again so different and bold that, on July 9, you will only want to tell him to keep playing!