Portico Quartet

Saturday 18 July 2020 / 20.15 – 21.30 h. / Main Stage
Jack Wyllie (saxophone), Milo Fitzpatrick (double bass), Keir Vine – (percussion, hang), Duncan Bellamy (drums)

Doors open at 15.30 h.
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This is a standing concert day.

Saturday 18 July 2020
Main Stage
22.30-00.00 h. – Nils Frahm
20.15-21.30 h. – Portico Quartet
18.15-19.30 h. – TBC
16.30-17.30 h. – John Ghost

Garden Stage
00.00-01.00 h. – Dijf Sanders
21.40-22.15 h. – TBC
19.35-20.10 h. – TBC
17.35-18.10 h. – TBC

With the recent explosion of young, London jazz musicians, Portico Quartet is constantly threatened with being relegated to the golden oldies bins of the record shop. That relocation was again postponed recently, with the release of the magnificent album Memory Streams, on which the four again (double) underscore the fact that they remain amazingly good at creating feverish jazz on a soothing bed of electronic sounds. Beyond that: the record is essentially a return to their sublime break-through album Isla, but with ten more years of experience to work with. Sound boring? Think again, kiddo!