John Ghost

Saturday 18 July 2020 / 22.30 – 00.00 h. / Main Stage
Rob Banken (horns), Wim Segers (vibraphone), Jo De Geest – (guitar, compositions), Karel Cuelenaere (keys), Lieven Van Pée (bass), Elias Devoldere (drums)

Doors open at 15.30 h.
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This is a standing concert day.

Saturday 18 July 2020
Main Stage
22.30-00.00 h. – Nils Frahm
20.15-21.30 h. – Portico Quartet
18.15-19.30 h. – TBC
16.30-17.30 h. – John Ghost

Garden Stage
00.00-01.00 h. – Dijf Sanders
21.40-22.15 h. – TBC
19.35-20.10 h. – TBC
17.35-18.10 h. – TBC

Airships Are Organisms, the second album from the John Ghost jazz band out of Gent, received so much praise last year that you would swear that Michael Bloomberg had spent half a billion dollars campaigning for it. All the more so because even the Financial Times was lofty in its praise. ‘An album with percussion patterns reminiscent of Steve Reich and solos from a fusion era gone by,’ the business periodical wrote, adding four stars, approximately equal to 67 Apple shares. The Guardian chimed in: ‘A remarkable mix of minimalism, krautrock-inspired post-rock and the electric jazz of Herbie Hancock’s Mwandishi Sextet.’ Number of stars? Four! Take it – in short – from the Brits: John Ghost is spookily good!