Dijf Sanders

Saturday 18 July 2020 / 00.00 – 01.00 h. / Garden Stage
David Sanders (Elektronica), Simon Segers (drums), Mattias De Craene (saxophone)

Doors open at 15.30 h.
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This is a standing concert day.

Saturday 18 July 2020
Main Stage
22.30-00.00 h. – Nils Frahm
20.15-21.30 h. – Portico Quartet
18.15-19.30 h. – TBC
16.30-17.30 h. – John Ghost

Garden Stage
00.00-01.00 h. – Dijf Sanders
21.40-22.15 h. – TBC
19.35-20.10 h. – TBC
17.35-18.10 h. – TBC

Whether Dijf Sanders is the best-kept or worst-kept secret of the Belgian music scene is a matter for debate. Those whose lives revolve around music are already firmly in the man’s camp. Unfortunately, everyone else seems to be ignoring that camp, since otherwise, Dijf Sanders would have long shared the throne of this musical kingdom with Angèle. With the outstanding album Puja, he has in any case easily scored a hattrick (read: the predecessors Moonlit Planetarium and Java were equally stunning). To achieve that, Sanders travelled to Nepal, made as many recordings as possible of local musicians and chanting priests, then smuggled a number of indigenous instruments back to Belgium, stuffed his sampling computer full, brought toppers like Simon Segers, Mattias De Craene and sitar player Nicolas Mortelmans on board, et voilà: the evocative electronic jazz trip Puja – also described by some as ‘mantra-techno’ – was a fact.