Friday 17 July 2020 / 00.00-01.00 h. / Garden Stage
Mattias De Craene (sax), Dries Geusens (bass), Elias Devoldere (drums), Edmund Lauret (guitar)

Doors open at 15.30 h.
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Friday 17 July 2020
Main Stage
22.30-00.00 h. – Kate Tempest
20.15-21.30 h. – Brihang
18.15-19.30 h. – Shabaka & the Ancestors
16.30-17.30 h. – TaxiWars

Garden Stage
00.00-01.00 h. – Nordmann
21.30-22.15 h. – Jaimie Branch ‘Fly or Die’
19.30-20.15 h. – Jaimie Branch ‘Fly or Die’
17.30-18.15 h. – Jaimie Branch ‘Fly or Die’

Yes! The jazz-but-not-really-jazz band Nordmann out of Gent is working on a third album that – even better news – is set to be finished by the time the group of four performs at Gent Jazz. ‘More rock ‘n roll than the average guitar band at Rock Werchter’, Humo noted, when they earned the Vooruit a couple of sound-level fines around a year and a half ago. Perhaps an even bigger compliment: ‘The sax sometimes sounded like a guitar, the bass like a sax and the guitar like a lawnmower’. In other words: the four band members do not just complement each other: once at full speed, Nordmann is a kind of Mad Max vehicle that stays together in some mysterious way, while crushing everything in its path. Well, something like that.