Tigran Hamasyan Trio

Friday 10 July 2020 / 18.15 – 19.30 h. / Main Stage
Tigran Hamasyan (piano, vocals), Evan Marien (bass), Arthur Hnatek (drums)

Doors open at 15.30 h.
Your ticket gives you access to all concerts of this festival day.
This is a standing concert day. Tickets cost 44 euro.

Friday 10 July 2020
Main Stage
22.30-00.00 h. – Ibrahim Maalouf
20.15-21.30 h. – Gary Bartz & Maisha
18.15-19.30 h. – Tigran Hamasyan Trio
16.30-17.30 h. – TBA

Garden Stage
00.00-01.00 h. – TBA
21.40-22.15 h. – TBA
19.35-20.10 h. – TBA
17.35-18.10 h. – TBA

In these times of, well, the internet, there are some labels that stick to you for years, sometimes even decades. In the case of Tigran Hamasyan, that is fortunately not so bad. Type the name of the Armenian pianist into Google, and you will soon arrive at the article in The Guardian in which he is called “the hottest pianist in jazz”. That article is now seven years old, and that quote has already been copied and pasted so much that we are honestly embarrassed about doing it now as well. But Hamasyan’s piano compositions remain at such a high level, and the way he mixes Armenian folk with American jazz is still so fiery and passionate that he can still proudly wear the label.