What are the opening hours of the festival?
The opening hours vary from day to day and are listed in the programme. Doors open at least half an hour before the first concert of the day.

Timing is everything with music – Be on time!
We recommend arriving at the festival well before the starting time of your favourite artist. There are often queues just before the concerts of the most popular artists and the concerts start punctually. It would be a shame to miss the beginning of the concert.

Even with a fast car, it takes time to find a parking space or to walk from the public car parks to the festival. Your navigation app doesn’t think about that, but of course you do.

Are you a bit earlier than planned? Pietzak!*
Our programme team invited special discoveries for the first concerts of the day. So early birds get more music for their money.

Can I pay by contact?
At all bars and food stands payment can be made by bank or credit card (Bancontact/Mastercard/Visa). You cannot pay with cash at these stands. If you still want to pay with cash, you must first go to the information stand where only small expenses – up to 50 euros – will be put on a card with which you can then pay at the bars and food stands. This is for security reasons and because of the technical organisation of payments. No change is provided.

Important: lost or stolen card during the festival? Have your card blocked immediately via Card Stop on 078/170 170!

Krijg ik korting met mijn UiTPAS?
Yes, with an UiTPAS Region Ghent with a valid chance statute you get 80% discount on the ticket price. Please visit the UiTWinkel, Veldstraat 82, Ghent.
Does your ticket give access to all concerts?
As the lucky owner of a Gent Jazz ticket, you have access to the entire audience area of the festival and all concerts that day. Yes, that’s a lot of music for one ticket, about five to eight hours of concert fun even. So make sure you’re well rested and come from the first concert onwards to get the most out of your ticket.
Access control
At the entrance you can scan your ticket from your smartphone or print it out. Have the ticket ready when you are almost at the entrance, so you can get in even faster.


If every visitor at the checkpoint has to spend 6 seconds looking for their ticket, this means an extra 8 hours of access control time. That is almost a full festival day!


Als elke bezoeker aan de controlepost 6 seconden moet zoeken naar zijn ticket, zorgt dat op een dag voor ruim 8 uur extra tijd die nodig is voor de toegangscontrole. Dat is bijna een volledige festivaldag!

Can you leave the grounds during the festival?
Your ticket becomes invalid immediately after scanning.

That is why you will be given a festival bracelet. This will allow you to enter and exit the festival site as many times as you like on that day. Keep this bracelet on at all times and do not loosen it. Without a valid and intact festival bracelet, you will no longer have access to the festival grounds or concerts.

*If you have a multi-day pass that has not yet been used, you can of course have it re-scanned on the next festival day.

What can you bring?
If you are carrying a backpack, it may be checked. Weapons, drugs and dangerous objects are of course forbidden. Also your own food or drinks are not allowed (there is a fantastic selection on site!) with the exception of a reusable water bottle (no glass). (more information can be found here)

Bring sunscreen or rainwear if necessary. The concert tent is covered but the side walls are open and most of the grounds are not covered. Of course we are assuming summer weather, but you never know.

We will do our best to ensure a crystal-clear sound at a pleasant volume but earplugs are of course available on site.

You can find me if you want me in de GARDEN…
Be sure to take a look in the ‘garden’. There you will find cosy seats, food stands and a Duvel café with record shop where the B-jazz finals will be held on 8 and 9 July.

The garden is also the perfect place to catch up with friends, share your enthusiasm about Gent Jazz over the phone with your hearing-impaired grandma, or follow the Tour de France live on your phone. In the garden, you don’t have to shout to make yourself heard over the music. Moreover, you won’t be interrupted by other visitors constantly asking you to be quieter during the concert.

Are there any sanitary facilities?
There are free toilets, some of which are accessible by wheelchair. Keep these facilities clean and be sure to speak to our staff if something is not right. Then we will solve it quickly. Wild peasants can wait for their company at the exit for the rest of the festival day.
Do I need to put on a mouth mask?
Vaccination certificates or negative coronation tests are not required to gain access to the festival. Mouth masks are not compulsory anywhere on the festival grounds. Of course, masks are allowed for those who want to, and even recommended for those who are at risk or have had recent contact with someone with corona. Do you have symptoms of corona (sore throat, coughing, feverish…) or are you in isolation? Then we ask you to take it easy at home and pass on your ticket to someone who is not ill.
20 jaar Gent Jazz- Boek
Gent Jazz exists 20 years. A book has even been written about it. The book is better than the film. We don’t even know if the film will ever be made. What we do know is that the book is ideal for reminiscing, for musing over the beautiful photos, to the accompaniment of course.
The book is on sale at Gent Jazz and via the website.