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What is the exact line-up? Do we receive a detailed program?
The full line-up is not yet known, but keep an eye on the page for a detailed overview. We also regularly announce new names on our social media.

How do I get the best at Gent Jazz 1.5?
See, just copy pastes, but mention that the entrance is slightly different this year and is more accessible via 122 Godshuizenlaan.

Is it possible to come to the festival with a wheelchair?
Yes it is possible to come to the festival with a wheelchair. We have tried to make the site as wheelchair-friendly as possible. You can also sit at a table of your bubble and adapted toilets will also be provided. If you need extra support, you can count on our employees.

Will the festival continue sitting alone?
Unfortunately, we are obliged to offer the festival sitting only. Dancing is therefore not allowed.

What measures do you foresee to make the festival run safely?
In order to comply with the corona measures imposed on us by the government, we have a maximum capacity of 400 visitors. Everyone will be urged to linger in their bubble of up to 15 people. In addition, tables and chairs will be disinfected regularly and the stage will be thoroughly cleaned after each performance. You can find hand disinfection throughout the site. In addition, our employees will also ensure that the distance of one and a half meters is respected. After all, this festival is called “Gent Jazz 1.5” for a reason.

Can my vouchers be exchanged?
Covid-19 ensured that no festival could proceed as planned. Therefore, the festivals had the opportunity to convert the purchased tickets for this year into vouchers. This regulation is applied by all Belgian music festivals, and it has also already been ratified in a ministerial decision to protect the festival sector and the music industry as a whole. You can use your vouchers for this festival, but you can only use this voucher once. If you use your voucher for this festival, you will no longer be able to use it for Gent Jazz 2021.

Is there a possibility to give a ticket as a gift?
It is certainly possible to give a ticket as a gift. You must fill in the e-mail address of the lucky person, and we will send him or her an email with the ticket to enjoy the festival.

Should we all come with our bubble at the same time?
We urge you to get together with your bubble as much as possible. It will
I would rather go for: We are obliged to request, in the context of the Covid-19 measures, that every table / group fully register at the entrance. This is to guarantee a smooth and safe flow on site.

Can I buy an individual ticket?
Unfortunately. We are very sorry to report that this is not possible. For logistical and organizational reasons, we have endeavored to comply with the rules imposed on us for admitting bubbles. We therefore saw no other option to offer tickets for 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 and 15 people at the same time. You can turn to our facebook event to find a jazz lover who wants to accompany you.

Can I still exchange my tickets?
You can send an email to

Can I still cancel my purchase?
It is not possible to cancel your purchase. If you have any questions about this, please email

Are lockers provided at the festival?
Small backpacks and bags are allowed but can be checked extensively at the entrance. There are no lockers on the property. So don’t make it too heavy for yourself and don’t carry too much.

Can I bring food and / or drinks to the festival myself?
Bringing your own drinks to the festival is not allowed, but food is.

Are pets allowed on the festival?
No, please leave your pets at home. Only guided dogs are allowed on the festival premises.