6 July: Via con me!

06 juli

It’s wonderful, it’s wonderful! That was our general sense of euphoria when we heard that maestro Paolo Conte would be joining us this summer. One more happy dance when Kandace Springs confirmed. This Prince favourite is one of the most captivating female voices of the moment. Jef Neve presents his new record “Spirit Control”, his best work so far, dixit the big boss of Universal. His Walloon counterpart Igor Gehenot surrounds himself with Europe’s most promising jazz talents in his Delta formation.

Bart Defoort’s new album “Inner Waves” is exactly what we needed to rediscover this brilliant tenor saxophonist. Isolde Lasoen you might know from her drumming days with Daan. With her Bens in XL set-up, you feel like you’ve walked into a French film noir full of seductive voices and delicious backing vocals. Garden Stage: la classe, quoi! 

> Got your ticket already? Don’t forget that your ticket gives you access to ALL of these concerts, not only the headliner. Doors open at 15:30. Have a look at the full programme here!

>> No tickets yet? This festival day is completely sold out. Join the early birds next time! 

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