13th of July - Freethinkers and spiritual sounds

08 april

With summer approaching fast, we would like to offer you an insight of each day of the festival on a weekly basis and guide you through the program of our two festival stages. Today, we kick off with the program of Thursday July 13, where we eagerly look forward to the shows of a large number of freethinkers and spiritual jazz sounds!

Proudly, we present you a huge headliner on July 13. We believe that 'The Epic' Kamasi Washington no longer needs an introduction after his show last year, but let's give it a shot, because this jazz messiah is anything but sitting still. The imaginative figure likes to take his audience into his self-created jazz scene, which you must have visited at least once in your life! It would be strange if you haven't heard of him, because this star has permanently risen into the zenith of the musical microcosm. His story is one that lasts and makes you crave for more. The man just got his own exhibition at the Whitney Biennial at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, dedicated to counterpoint, which he describes as " the art of balancing similarity and difference to create harmony between separate melodies". Does this sound like Chinese to you? Then you better come over and discover it for yourself. 

Hoera.! That is what probably went through the heads of the eponymous group when they won the the prize of Jong Jazztalent Gent 2016. For this occasion, they exclusively share the stage with electronic producer Hiele. In this completely new project 'émimo', they work together around their own recordings of the renowned Lithuanian Jauna Muzika chamber choir and rework the choral compositions to process new material and sound. You can therefore expect a gentle breeze of tranquility and intimacy, and a hybrid mix of improvisation and electronics. But don’t stay in your seat for too long, because resting is not an option. As one of the absolute class acts of our Belgian national musical landscape and far beyond, with an undisputedly great live reputation, STUFF. are heading over to present their new album at the Gent Jazz Festival. Futuristic eclecticism as befits true Belgians! Finally. Who just can’t get enough of the new sound of jazz is recommended to stay, because with Robert Glasper Experiment we have an act that brings you all the fun with a mix ranging from gospel to R&B. With Glasper we reached full circle for our main stage, because he was, just like Kamasi Washington, on the future classic 'To Pimp A Butterfly' by rapgod Kendrick Lamar. Isn’t this mouthwatering?

The Garden Stage has a lot more for you in store on 13 July. With Shabaka and The Ancestors we take a turn towards spiritual jazz that has a lot of influences straight out of Africa. But beware, because before you even realise you're on your way to the dancefloor with Makaya McCraven. People, we recommend you to put on your best shoes, because we predict some dancing.

Gent Jazz Festival will take place from the 6th of July to 15th of July on the Bijlokesite in Ghent. 
Tickets for this day are available as a one day pass or in combination with a combi pass for other festival days. 
More info and tickets can be found here.

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