1 July: MELANIE DE BIASIO at Gent Jazz Festival 2018

21 december

After headliner Paolo Conte, we're happy to announce a new name right before the holiday break. On Sunday July 1st 2018, audience favourite Melanie De Biasio will have the whole tent gasping in awe. It will be an exclusive opportunity to see the jazz musician live in Flanders this summer. Tickets are available immediately.

The increasingly popular Melanie De Biasio sold out the AB no less than three times this autumn. The laudatory reviews following these three concerts make it clear once and for all: seeing De Biasio live is a chance to seize. Gent Jazz Festival never once doubted her talent. In 2014 and 2015, she took over the Ghent Main Stage and moved her audience like no other. Whereas her EP ‘Blackened Cities’ delighted with its grandness, her new album ‘Lilies’ is a lot more intimate. Moreover, she is greatly appreciated internationally: besides Zap Mama in 1994, she is the only Belgian artist to ever have graced the screen on Later… with Jools Holland. On Sunday July 1st, her artistic finesse will make the festival tent go quiet once again!       

Tickets? This way!

This is a seated concert, which means the chairs are arranged in different categories, based on their position relative to the stage. Have a look at the picture beneath to visualize the different seating possibilities (the seats are not numbered):

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