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Are you (or do you know) Young Jazz Talent Ghent 2022?

Young Jazz Talent Ghent has evolved into a permanent value within the stage and opportunity circuit for new jazz talent. Since 2002, the creative competition has been focusing on the unbridled and endless creativity of the jazz scene. The proven track record of alumni such as De Beren Gieren, Steiger, Robin Verheyen, BRZZVLL, Pentadox and Donder, who have become established names in the Belgian jazz scene and far beyond, shows that Young Jazz Talent Ghent can be the instrumental stepping stone for a bright jazz future.

At the start of their career, they received a financial boost from Gent Jazz and Brewery Duvel Moortgat to launch an ambitious project. So don’t just say ‘rally’ or ‘competition’ to Young Jazz Talent!

The prize of the 21st edition of Young Jazz Talent Ghent? 10,000 euros and a place on the stage of Gent Jazz 2023 where the winning project will be presented.

How to enrol?

Young jazz musicians have until Sunday 8 May 8 2022 to submit a special and ambitious project. Read: a project of which the professional jazz jury – consisting of some 70 independent prominent figures from the Belgian jazz scene – considers it to be so bold and groundbreaking that it can give a new impetus to the future sound of Belgian jazz music.
The winner of this competition will not only be awarded the title of Young Jazz Talent of Ghent 2022, but will also receive a maximum sum of 10,000 euros to realise its project within one year and present it at next year’s Gent Jazz Festival.

The bar has been set very high in recent years: a huge number of young jazz musicians submitted extremely attractive projects. N?BOU, the winner of the previous edition, was able to start her dream: an ensemble of six (!) trombonists – all very talented twenty-somethings from different European countries – supplemented by a three-piece rhythm section.
But this year it could be something completely different! Do you have a wild idea in mind or do you know a musician/band who is eager to push back frontiers? Candidates can register now!
Share this call with as many musicians as possible.

Young Jazz Talent Ghent is an initiative of Gent Jazz, in cooperation with Brewery Duvel Moortgat. The creation contest wants to stimulate the creation of music among young (jazz) musicians.