Freshly made, delicious and ready to eat: we don't need much more to be happy. With vegetarian and vegan options so truly everyone can enjoy their meal. Have a look at our wide variety of food and drinks, served by J&M catering and our foodtrucks.

Na’ Guará

Wow! That's what the Venezuelan Na' Guará means. South-American street food with delicious names such as arepas, pastelitos, pepitos and empanadas!

Mission Masala

Pavan Bajwa has one mission: serve Belgium the best curries. Tastebud explosions full of colour and spice: Desi Indian soul food at its best!

Alma Libre

Alma Libre or free soul: pure, traditional Mexican kitchen. Where there is love, there is passion, says owner Karen. And the way to our hearts happens to be through our stomachs, perfect!

Knack Foodtruck

Chef Bart Mot and his Green Egg present, besides their legendary Knack worst: the Angry Burger. But who could possibly get cross at a portobello burger with basil cream and crunchy nuts? Impossible. 

Koffie Camper

Jazz. But first, coffee. Immediately lifts the mood. If you want something even stronger in it, ask Barista Kenneth to add a dash of whiskey or grappa. 

Café Crème

Running over to the ice cream van like a little kid, you can do that at our festival, too! Cremerie François, the oldest and best ice cream salon in the whole of Belgium, serves you as many scoops as you can take. 

Madam Bakster

Wonderful pastries and desserts, free of refined sugars, animal products and wheat, all thanks to Madam Bakster. Specially for Gent Jazz Festival, she made Louis, an original version of the Mississippi Mudpie.

Signature Cocktail by Dorst

Our signature cocktail is the Gantoise 75, cocktail exclusively made for our festival by Jurgen Nobels of Dorst. His inspiration? The French 75, a New Orleans classic from the roaring twenties. Great Gatsby galore! Dorst makes a limited amount of this godly drink a day, so make sure to get yours.