Terms and Conditions applicable to reserving tickets/seats over the internet.

Art. 1 Using the website enables the customer, within the availability of the articles and the restrictions stipulated by the organisation, to reserve one or more items for the events offered on the website and to receive these.

Art. 2  The website allows the customer to reserve one or more seats up to the date stipulated by the organisation, or until the quantity available is exhausted.

Art. 3  Subject to explicit notification to the contrary, reserving seats implies the customer’s acceptance of the terms and conditions. 

Art. 4  The manager of the website endeavours to prevent any possible form of disposition, deceit or fraud, as well as to avoid any discrimination in connection with the access to and use of the website. Taking this into account, the organisation and the manager reject any responsibility if the customer fails to make the payment, or the customer provides incorrect information at the time of reserving one or more seats.

Art. 5  The customer is in any event responsible for effectuating the payment and details associated with this.

Art. 6  The price stated on the website at final payment includes all charges and taxes. The customer must transfer this to the organisation by means of the options offered during the payment process, at the latest within 7 (seven) days following the delivery of the ticket(s). If this payment is made through a direct payment method (such as VISA, MASTERCARD, etc.), the customer grants authorisation to the manager or its Partner(s) to have this payment effectuated and transferred to the manager or the organisation.

Art. 7  The customer shall receive the tickets through a link sent by email at the latest within 7 working days following receipt of payment. The customer is expected to print out these tickets and to take good care of these. He/she must present these at the event on request.

Art 8. Tickets are in no instance refundable.

Art.9 By reserving seats through the website, the details provided by the customer to the manager and the organisation may be used by the latter with the sole purpose of notifying the customer of new events. At any moment, the customer is able by simple request to renounce this advantage and/or to view his/her details and if desired, correct these.

Art. 10  Should one of the Terms and Conditions prove to be void or partially impracticable, the remaining Terms and Conditions are not affected by this and retain their full effect minus the contested clauses insofar as this is possible.

Art. 11  Any complaints must be sent by registered letter within 3 (three) days, after having visited the website, to the address of the organisation stated in Art. 13, and must include sufficient justification.

Art. 12  The Commercial Court of Leuven is solely competent in the event of any dispute, with proceedings in the Dutch language, and Belgian law alone is applicable.

Art.13 The organisation behind this website is vzw Jazz en Muziek, Sint-Jacobsnieuwstraat 50, 9000 Ghent, Belgium - BE0458 54 07 74, +32 (0)9 324 45 30