Too Noisy Fish

Thursday 05 July

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Too Noisy Fish
Garden stage

Who? Pianist Peter Vandenberghe, bass player Kristof Roseeuw and drummer Teun Verbruggen from Ghent, Belgium. 

Why? Because music in the hands of this trio becomes clay, which they can knead endlessly. 'Furious Empathic Silence' is the ultimate proof of this: they combine 20th-century composers Ives, Ravel and Messiaen with jazz icons Miles, Monk and Cecil Taylor and add a dash of hip-hop and some other seasoning on top.

How do you know them? These musicians have formed the rhythm section of Flat Earth Society since 1999. For 'Fight Eat Sleep' they went into the studio with Oz Fritz (Tom Waits, Bill Laswell). In 2016 they worked on the Nightwatch project with acclaimed author Dimitri Verhulst and video artists Trisha De Cuyper and Jan Lapeire.

Listen to some now! Take a look behind the scenes of the "Fight Eat Sleep" recordings with Oz Fritz and listen to the live version of "Turkish Laundry".

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