Omer Avital Quintet

Omer Avital (double bass), Asaf Yuria (saxophones), Alexander Levin (saxophones), Ofri Nehemya (drums), Eden Ladin (piano & effects)

Gent Jazz Festival crosses many continents and searches out far-away places. The proof of this currently lies with the virtuoso contrabassist and composer Omer Avital. He and his quintet will carry you away into a musical fairy tale. The quintet is composed of strong artists like saxophone players Asaf Yuria and Alexander levin, the 22-year-old drummer Ofri Nehemya, one of the biggest talents on the Israeli music scene right now and pianist Eden Ladin. He is able to mix his own culture with that of modern Western jazz like no other. The result is an atmospheric sound with a Middle Eastern groove that continues to reverberate in your head along with subtle jazz melodies and Sephardic compositions. We’ll happily hang around if it means getting to hear artists that have been compared to the legendary Charles Mingus.

15U30 Main stage

these artists also play on 09/07/17