Lady Linn & her Magnificent Bigband

Tuesday 03 July

Lady Linn & her Magnificent Bigband
Main stage

Who? Lien De Greef (singer), Joris Caluwaerts (piano), Filip Vandebril (bass), Domenico Verderame (drums), Yves Fernandez (trumpet), Jo Hermans (trumpet), Nico Schepers (trumpet), Daniel Vanderhoydonks (trumpet), Marc de Maeseneer (sax), Kenny Jeanny (sax), Tom Callens (sax), Jan Verstaen (sax), Wietse Meys (sax), Peter Delannoye (trombone), Dree Peremans (trombone), Bart Delausnay (trombone), Quinten De Craecker (trombone)

Why? Because Lady Linn & Her Magnificent Seven have been around for fifteen years and there’s no way you can miss out on celebrating this happy anniversary! She’s bringing out a big band album specially for this occasion and is doing so with some of the gems of the Belgian music scene.

Where do you know her from? Lady Linn aka Lien De Greef has already recorded four full albums and secured a gold and a platinum record as well as 3 MIA’s (Flemish Music Industry Awards). Her wonderful cover of Eddy Grants' ‘I Don't Wanna Dance' was a true Belgian summer hit.

Listen to some now! Dancing to "I Don't Wanna Dance" may seem contradictory, but it is inevitable. If you need to slow down the pace afterwards, her delicate song "Lucky" will do exactly the trick.

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