Anneleen Boehme (string bass), Bram De Looze (piano), Lander Gyselinck (drums)

For ten years, LABtrio has been flirting with jazz improv, electronica, and underground. A decade’s worth of national and international success. Because birthdays automatically mean presents, this trio is also treating us to a new album, Nature City. Let’s rewind a little. When natural talents Bram De Looze, Anneleen Boehme and Lander Gyselinck started up their group in 2007, they immediately won first place at the Dexia Axion Classics competition in Brussels’ De Munt/La Monnaie, the federal opera house of Belgium. In the years that followed, they raked in one panel and public award after the other, played national and international venues, and were invited to various famous festivals (including Gent Jazz Festival and Jazz Middelheim). In recent years, they have been working on an eclectic vision with jazz classics and their own compositions, in a winning combination of utter conviction and an aversion to doing the same old thing. There’s a party going on right here!

13U30 Main stage

these artists also play on 09/07/17