Igor Gehenot's DELTA

Friday 06 July

Igor Gehenot's DELTA
Main stage

Who? Igor Gehenot (piano), Jérôme Regard (contrabass), Jérôme Klein (drums) and Alex Tassel (flugelhorn), respectively from Belgium, Sweden, Luxembourg and France.

Why see them live? Because jazz-loving Flemings like to call Igor Gehenot the Walloon Jef Neve and he has raked in the music prizes, both in trio and quartet constellation.

Where do you know them from? Besides the fact that he already graced our stage in 2012, Gehenot has been working non-stop since he won the Sabam Jeunesses Musicales Jazz Award and has been surrounding himself with the best of Europe’s young jazz talents. He is also part of the super group LG Jazz Collective. Alex Tassel, the flugelhorn player who joins the trio on ‘Delta’, worked together with Daniel Romeo and DJ Grazzhoppa.

Listen to some now! Enjoy "Sleepless Night" and "Lena", a return to acoustic jazz that does not shy away from the lyrical-romantic sounds. 

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